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RTE is excited to announce a partnership with head tennis pro Brian Mogus!   

Click below to see how this partnership will improve your game!

RTE Health and Performance Mission Statement

We believe that health and performance are attainable using a holistic approach that is grounded in adaptability, the science of exercise, and untiring perseverance.

Golf Digest 

Don't walk past the cable machine. It can really help your golf swing  

By: Ron Kaspriske 

"Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer Ryan Elsass says there is a bunch of great equipment in the gym that you might be ignoring because those things are either too intimidating to use, or you're not sure how to use them—especially in a golf workout..."

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Play the sports that you love without pain.  

  • Gain At Least 10 Yards

  • Improve Turn, Flexibility And Stop Pain

  • Individualized Golf and Tennis Personal Training Program

  • Hit with more Speed and Power

Google Reviews

Blue Skies

Shane G

Ryan is by far the best personal trainer imaginable. When he says "making personal training personal", he truly means it. He is constantly adapting my training plan based on my results, goals, injury recovery, and how my body is feeling. He's especially knowledgeable for people that want to improve their fitness for golf or tennis, but he can adapt a workout plan for you regardless of what your goals are. He brings a huge network of local business partners to the table and I've found value in every connection he's made for me. Additionally, Ryan is a terrific person. He's exactly the kind of person you want to be in business with. I couldn't recommend RTE more strongly

Bridget Z

I cannot say enough good things about Ryan. I was looking for a trainer to help my son build knowledge in the gym and to ensure he was using propertechnique. Ryan has done that and so much more. He has provided my son with the skills and confidence to go to the gym w/out hesitation. He makes the workouts fun yet challenging, which is perfect for a teenager. Ryan is very supportive and genuine is his desire to see his clients reach their goals. I am forever grateful that we found him.

Brian B

I was in a very serious car accident years ago. Doctors weren’t sure whether I would walk again. I’ve tried literally everything to learn how to manage the pain and nothing has worked. I came across Ryan and after meeting him I could tell how passionate he was about fitness and wellbeing. Per Ryan’s words we do what we are good at but ignore the stuff we aren’t. Ryan has helped me improve upon both. I highly recommend RTE health and performance to anyone who struggles with physical pain or wants to improve strength/mobility and functionality.Thanks Ryan.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(330) 705-8710

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