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RTE Tennis Instruction and Performance Optimization

Tennis / Racket Sports

Tennis is explosive- quick - powerful and still, graceful and eloquent.  A lifelong sport that fills one with memories for a thousand lifetimes.  

RTE doesn't want this joy to be lessened or shortened if the solution is the right prescription of exercises  to get your body ready for the rigors of playing the game that you love.  

Ryan is RacquetFit Certified and Tennis Performance Trainer Certified (See below) to assess your movements and provide the support you need to keep on the court.

Image by Chino Rocha

Every sport has unique movement patterns. RacquetFit is an organization dedicated to studying how the body moves in the sport of Tennis and how to assess an athlete's physical ability to perform these movement patterns.


Comprised of leading experts in the tennis coaching, fitness and medical industries, RacquetFit has created a comprehensive Certification program that gives industry professionals the tools necessary to quickly screen players for any physical limitations and a deep knowledge of how those limitations can affect their performance as well as simple guidelines to help get them back on track.

Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) is a certification specifically designed for performance training tennis athletes of all ages and skill levels.  


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(330) 705-8710

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